Crime Scene Support in Northern California

Crime Scene Support in Northern California

We can provide crime scene support for local and regional law enforcement agencies

At C.K. Hull & Associates- Forensic Consulting Services, LLC, we can provide forensic consultation at the scene; we can provide scene documentation, evidence collection, evidence processing and ensure the chain of custody is maintained.

Crime scene support must be within a 50 mile radius from Martinez, CA.

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Crime Scene Support Services

Learn More About The Variety Of CSI Services We Offer

Our forensic consulting team offers a variety of crime scene support services to collect and capture the details of a crime scene, including:

  • Sketches
  • Photographs
  • Trace evidence
  • DNA collection
  • Fingerprint collection
  • Packing and storing evidence

Contact our forensic consulting team today to learn more about our crime scene support services and how we use the latest technology to get accurate testing results. We provide crime scene response services throughout Northern California.

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