Criminal Defense/ Civil Casework

Criminal Defense/ Civil Casework

  • Was the crime scene and evidence processed correctly?
  • Was the evidence integrity maintained?
  • Did the forensic analyst come to the right conclusion?
  • Can there be alternative interpretations?

We serve clients nationally in criminal defense, civil, and private cases. We pride ourselves in customer service and strive to satisfy all of our clients' needs in a timely manner. Our involvement in your case ensures that everything is conducted properly.

C. K. Hull & Associates-Forensic Consulting Services provides a range of expertise in forensic analysis, including fingerprints, evidence processing, and crime scene investigation. Services:

  • Process evidence for latent prints
  • Compare known to unknown fingerprints
  • Verify fingerprint conclusions
  • Ensure standard operating procedures were used
  • Review evidence handling, packaging, and storage
  • Review fingerprint case documents and all bench notes
  • Evaluate the quality of inked fingerprints on documents to render a conclusion
  • Review qualifications and competency of forensic analyst
  • Review crime scene photographs

We keep our operating process at high standards so that nothing falls through the cracks.