"Cindy Hull is very professional, responsive, and thorough. I recommend her services, and hope to work with her again in the future."

Zachary Merliss, Cohen Defense Group

"Cindy Hull is a well respected forensic consultant and has assisted me several times by identifying latent fingerprints left behind by suspects. She is accessible and prompt with results". If there is a small chance of obtaining an ID, I'm confident Cindy will employ cutting edge techniques that will offer the highest quality and most efficient outcome. Thank you for your high quality of expertise and dedication".

Detective Conners, Walnut Creek Police Department

"Cindy K. Hull & Associates performs high quality forensic analysis, a fast turn around time on casework and provides professional services".

Sergeant Deplitch, Pittsburg Police Department

"We greatly appreciate your help and have no doubt that our willingness to use your services contributed in large part to our ability to settle".

McGuire Woods, LLP

"Cindy K. Hull & Associates are called during active investigations. They not only respond for latent print processing on the same day, they were able to identify the suspect's latent fingerprints! Service this efficient is valuable when time is essential".

Detective Sanchez, Pittsburg Police Department

"Since 2014, we have used Cindy K. Hull & Associate services to provide training and equipment to our police department's CSI team. They provide our department exceptional advise and has insured that we are kept abreast of new products and trainings that are available. We also use Cindy K. Hull & Associates for fingerprint analysis and have similarly been very pleased with the services. The turn around time and high quality of service have been impressive. We strongly recommend Cindy K. Hull & Associates to other police agencies."

Detective Gerstner, Walnut Creek Police Department

"Thank you for all your help and for making yourself available so quickly".

Defense Attorney Daniel Baldridge, Fresno County Public Defender

"Cindy Hull - you have really done a great job making us a better police department."

Chief Carroll, Newark Police Department

"Cindy Hull is undoubtedly an experienced, professional individual committed to her work and providing the highest level of service to her clients. She's very timely in her response and turnaround, and provides detailed documentation.

It's nice having a reliable resource that can produce results in minutes, especially when dealing with a priority case."

Lieutenant Walter O'Grodnick, Brentwood Police Department

"We've worked with Cindy for about one year now. At that time we were using a different service for latent print examinations and unfortunately we weren't getting results back in a timely fashion. In some cases we didn't get results back until the statute of limitations had expired, thus leaving our staff feeling defeated. After our first meeting with Cindy we knew she would be a good fit for our agency. Not only did Cindy get us caught up with our back log of cases and up to date, her efforts have also changed the mindset of our staff and have made the art of dusting for prints worth the extra effort. Cindy's work has allowed our officers and detectives the ability to secure convictions on cases because of the short turnaround time on her end. On behalf of the Newark Police Department, I just wanted to say Thank You Cindy!"

Sgt. David Higbee, Newark Police Department

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